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Rose Serenity Wellness Center Inc. 

Rose Serenity Wellness Center Inc. in Jupiter, FL provides 24/7 mental health therapy to children, parents, couples, adolescents, adults, elderly, and families face-to-face or through telehealth. Struggling with anxiety, depression, low self esteem, bi-polar, ADHD, or simply just need an outlet to express yourself? 

Call or Text Us @ 786-318-8915 or 561-808-5201.




You’re One Call Away from Being in a Better State of Mind!


What Makes Us Different?

At Rose Serenity Wellness Center Inc. located in Jupiter, Florida, we have a 24/7 Therapy Program for  Active Client's Only. Call for More Details. We help individuals who are emotionally distressed, have behavioral issues, or those who simply need a healthy outlet as means to cope with life struggles. Call or Text Us at 786-318-8915 or 561-808-5201. Or click services for more information.

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Insurance Consultation

      Mertain      Cigna      First Health Network      UMR      Optum      United Healthcare      Aetna      Bluecross Blueshield   EAPs (e.g. Mutual of Omaha, Cigna, Aetna, etc.) CLICK PAYMENT OPTIONS FOR MORE.

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Our mission is to help individuals move towards Peace, Happiness, Joy, Love, Emotional
Stability, and SERENITY by taking care of their MENTAL HEALTH. Rose Serenity Wellness Center Inc. believes in creating a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere that will mend the mind, body, and soul through a solstice phase of meditation, and a therapy solution through treatment planning. We aim for excellence and build strong foundations with families in need, and foster positivity by instilling serenity and stability with the use of personalized coping strategies.


Rose Serenity Wellness Center Inc.’s vision is to keep individuals structured, focused, motivated, encouraged, and stabilized. We uphold individualized treatment plans that will enable clients to achieve their purpose by attaining a “solution focus.” Our comprehensive mental health services help children, adolescents, adults, elderly, and families learn effective ways to manage their behaviors and emotions to be successful at home, at school, and in the community.



725 North Hwy A1A, STE A104, Jupiter FL 33477



(561) 808-5201
(786) 318-8915



Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 8:00pm
Sat & Sun: Appointment Only

24/7 Therapy Program Active Clients Only

Call OR Text for More Details.

Call for more scheduling options!


Fax & Email

Fax: (561) 214-4028


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