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About Rose Serenity Wellness Center Inc.

Guerline and Joseline have worked along with several independent contracting agencies as Mental Health Practitioners for decades. Guerline and Joseline have more than 28 years of experience combined in therapeutic services assisting children, adolescents, adults, and families who are in need. Guerline and Joseline are individuals with posses the moral values of family orientation, multicultural diversity, and belief family issues can be mended with the right mindset...patience, kindness, and serenity

Rose Serenity Wellness Center Inc. located in Jupiter, Florida was founded in 2001 by two sisters, Guerline and Joseline Seraphin. Guerline Seraphin is an extraordinary individual who believes in mending the broken hearts of families by extending a helping hand and bridging the gap. Joseline-Guerline Seraphin is a unique individual who believes that families that are wounded can be restored with patience, kindness, and serenity.

These ladies are devoted to their families, extremely compassionate, and love to help families that are in need. Rose Serenity Wellness Center Inc. has been in business and incorporated by the State of Florida since 2014. 

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