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Rose Serenity Wellness Center Testimonials

We aim for excellence ​and take pride in helping those who are in need. Our center strives to embrace our core value of understanding and aiding troubled families and individuals of all ages. We believe in bringing families together and helping individuals by instilling the value of Patience, Kindness, and Serenity.

“I never thought my daughter would be able to do anything on her own, especially when it comes to communicating in public. My daughter was 15yr and I had to do everything for her, ask the teachers questions through emailing, as to use the restroom if she’s in a public setting, and order her food for her if she went to the restaurant, all because of fear of communicating with people. When I came to Rose Serenity Wellness Center; my daughter was suicidal, attempt to cut her risk with broken mirrors, very sensitive, and the inability to communicate with her peers, or ask questions. My daughter had trouble asking questions in class because she was afraid, how her peers would perceive her, or even order something at McDonald’s, make it worst, if my daughter needed to use the restroom she would not ask , she would come home with stomach pain then to raise her hand and ask the teacher. Rose Serenity Wellness Center Inc. have helped my family a great deal, my daughter met with the therapist there weekly, the therapist conducted activities with her, took her out as one of their tactic teaching her how to communicate in public, most of all create project plan of where my daughter build up her self-esteem to sign in party in public. My daughter completes every task successful with the help of the therapist there. After working with Rose Serenity Wellness, my daughter was able to sing the national Anthem in a football game in front of the whole entire school; she has great self-confidence, higher self-esteem, doing well in school as she able to ask questions with no issues. My daughter has applied to go away for college. My biggest fear as a mom was how she was going to survive this world being afraid of people. Thanks to Rose Serenity Wellness those fears are no longer there. I hope other parents have the opportunity to see their child experience this type of recovery. I would recommend anyone who is having trouble struggle with their daily lives, or parents who have children with any issues should definitely seek assistance from this center they are the best.”

Tina Mc’Claire, Boca Raton, Florida 

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